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With over 30,000 of our totally custom aluminum bodies in service today, we are the largest manufacturer of our kind in western canada.

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Coaldale, Alberta

Vince Van Seters – Sales Manager

Office: 403.345.4427
Industries: Energy & Natural Resources, Transportation, Emergency Response, Municipalities, Utilities & Government, Movies & Telecommunications

With extensive market knowledge and industry involvement, Vince is dedicated to leading his team in welcoming and supporting ITB customers. Highly invested in the needs of his clients, he develops competitive advantage opportunities by focusing on solution based product development. Vince has experience building, designing, and elevating the standard for ITB to create the most durable and innovative truck bodies, trailers, and enclosures on the market.



Matt Van Dyk – Technical Sales

Office: 403.345.4427
Industries: Municipalities, Utilities & Government, Emergency Response, Mobile Medical Testing

A seasoned solution specialist in the field of mobile workspaces, Matt has a wealth of expertise and experience working with all levels of government, utility providers and first responders, bringing problem-solving insight, collaborative designs and a high level of attention to detail at every stage of his projects. Specialization is Matt’s specialty and it’s important to him that customer experience and caliber of service is as high-quality and tailor-made to their needs as their design. Matt has a conscientious approach with his customers and works hard to earn their business, providing pre-sales and after sales service.


Nate Marois – Technical Sales

Office: 403.345.4427
Industries: Energy & Natural Resources, Emergency Response, Transportation

Highly skilled, organized and extremely thorough, Nate is thoughtful, considerate and truly tries to anticipate the needs of his clients. Enthusiastic about providing exciting, innovative solutions and exceptional customer service, Nate is genuine and brings the highest standards of quality and integrity to everything he does. Nate’s years of experience working with industries like agriculture, energy, utilities, law enforcement, and transportation have been driven by his desire to see businesses and communities thrive.



Rob Van Seters – Technical Sales

Office: 403.345.4427
Industries: Power Generation & Distribution, Energy & Natural Resources

With over a decade of experience designing generator and electrical enclosures, Rob is adept at meeting the unique and complex requirements of the energy production and distribution sector. The integration of electrical, mechanical, and structural requirements into a comprehensive package requires an exceptional attention to detail.  Rob is proficient at communicating with his clients, assessing their needs, and developing creative solutions to unique challenges. Rob works to design and produce specialized turn-key packages for applications ranging from oil & gas extraction to mining to health care facilities to distributed power generation facilities.

Surrey, BC

 John Van Seters – Sales & Marketing Manager

Office: 604.576.2971
Industries: Emergency Response, Municipalities, Utilities & Government, Movies & Telecommunications

With 15 years of experience in Sales and Design, John loves working closely with his team and his customers, pursuing creative solutions to meet their needs, driven by his attention to detail and effective communication. John has a great deal of experience working with Federal, Provincial & Municipal spec writers and procurement departments, and with business-to-business customers who integrate our products into theirs. John enjoys utilizing his background in design to sketch up creative solutions for challenging truck, trailer and enclosure projects.



Ed Onderwater – Account Representative

Office: 604.576.2971
Industries: Emergency Response, Municipalities, Utilities & Government, Transportation

Passionate about ITB’s unique design approach, remarkable performance and undeniable resilience, Ed has an enthusiasm and an unshakable belief in his work that is evident to his customers. Ed has years of experience building, designing and servicing some of the most versatile, innovative truck bodies, trailers and enclosures for a variety of industries from emergency services, telecommunications services to utility services. A highly dependable resource for his clients, Ed has a wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience in producing mobile workplace solutions that surpass expectations and outlast the competition.



Jake Kuik – Account Representative 

Office: 604-576-2971
Industries: Municipalities, Utilities & Government, Transportation

With over a decade of experience facilitating work place solutions for a wide variety of municipalities, telecommunication and utility services, Jake has a reputation for putting in the time and doing the legwork for his clients in order to understand the nature of their business and the challenges they face. Jake believes in specializing his designs and their production process to best suit the customer and the unique aspects of their business. Experience and attention to detail are critical in field and Jake is a trustworthy resource who is always will to “go to bat” for his customers.


Anthony Dykstra – Account Representative

Office: 604.576.2971
Industries: Transportation

A knowledgeable, highly respected expert in the transportation industry, Anthony earns the trust of his customers by attentively listening to their needs and creating innovative solutions to solve their problems. With extensive relationships across the industry, Anthony specializes in getting things done for his clients at every stage of the process with an incredible eye for detail. With over a decade of firsthand experience working in almost every division of ITB, Anthony understands the business top to bottom and knows what it takes to produce a high quality product for his customers on time and on budget.


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