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Capabilities | November 9, 2020


“Tough times don’t last, tough people do.” Robert H. Schuller’s words have never been as potent and poignant as they are right now in 2020. But let’s be honest, nobody saw the events of this year coming and we were all completely taken by surprise.

While the world as we know it continues reshaping in front of our eyes and the ground under our feet constantly shifts, it’s easier than ever to be frustrated. We can scream at the sky, blame those in power, throw in the towel or… we can build something.


Leading Western Canada for over 46 years as a highly sought-after manufacturer of the most durable, fully customized truck bodies, trailers, and enclosures on the market, we had our eyes fixed upon growth in the form of a third building, ITB North.

We had just completed our 18,000th body for a hospital generator enclosure, when an unprecedented health crisis hit the globe. Companies were pushed to their limits as their finances were stretched or destroyed. Deals fell through, projects were pushed back, and the market was full of uncertainty.

We were faced with a choice. We could halt construction on our third building, try to limit all spending, and attempt to wait out the storm. But we noticed something… First Responders, Municipalities, Utility Companies, Energy Production and Transportation Industries were still striving to provide service.

Although it felt like the world was shutting down, the essential services that kept our society functional had no choice but to keep doing what was needed. Our business serves to supply these businesses with the tools they need to keep doing their jobs.


So, we rolled up our sleeves and we went to work. Reinvesting into our business, we leaned into construction of our third building, ITB North, a 13,000 square foot workhorse of a structure that brought our overall manufacturing space to 67,000 square feet.

We began construction on our new website, to better illustrate the massive depth and breadth of our design and construction capabilities. Features and functions were implemented to increase communication and connectivity with our customers.

We timed the completion of both the new building and the new website for autumn hoping that it would coincide with the easing of lockdown restrictions and the gradual growth of the economy.


The all new ITB North features a Parts & Service Store Front, allowing customers looking for replacement parts to easily browse and shop for what they need. There are 2 new offices for the Parts & Service team to help facilitate repairs, orders and assist customers with refurbishing.

With a new loading bay/warehouse, complete with a large, easily accessible loading dock, the shipping/receiving/storage of parts, customer orders and build materials is now incredibly efficient.

A huge vehicle wash bay graces the east side of the building, with automatic door systems, a pressure washer, and a chassis weigh-in station. This allows vehicles of any size to be weighed, recorded, and cleaned before heading off to their new homes.

The interior of ITB North has 4 immense service bays designed to suit a wide variety of projects from small cutaway vans to massive, building-sized generator enclosures. An enormous 15-ton Konecrane remote controlled crane system is engineered into the building to do the heavy lifting.

To top it all off, for ITB North we have developed over 2 acres of usable land. This has been done to improve customer/employee parking and maximize storage space for truck bodies, trailers and enclosures that are in progress.



Now in full operation, ITB North provides us with an exciting versatility that we will use to provide the quality of products our customers have come to expect from us. This building gives us the capability to perform a wide range of service and production operations, increasing our speed, efficiency, and productivity.

The market is pulling itself back together slowly but surely and we have noticed a resurgence as orders begin to return. The perseverance and determination of our remarkable team has been key to our business being able to adapt and overcome during these uncertain times.  ITB North will allow us to continue to expand our team, provide more jobs to hard-working Albertans and contribute to the economic rebuilding of our province and our country.

Our company philosophy has always been to build quality things that last; things that can keep up with the rigors of hard work. ITB North embodies that philosophy… our amazing team embodies that philosophy, and we can’t wait to share the fruits of this endeavor with our customers and with the world.

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