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With over 30,000 of our totally custom aluminum bodies in service today, we are the largest manufacturer of our kind in western canada.


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ITB is looking for dedicated and experienced people to help us build the toughest, most innovative truck bodies, trailers and enclosures in the industry. Review our open positions below to find out if you will make a good addition to the ITB team.



  • Clean cabs and ITB units once production is completed
  • Ensure the unit has been cleaned out and chassis cab has been detailed
  • Reassemble painted parts
  • Varnish or paint wood and steel floors
  • Install final components on units such as door rubber, door holdbacks, ITB tags, light plates etc.
  • Install reflectors, conspicuity tape and other DOT specifications

The Detail/Reassembly Assistants are the final employees to work on units at ITB. They are responsible for cleaning and detailing completed units, reassembling parts after the unit has been painted and installing the final components onto the units. Experience in plumbing, heating and construction are assets.

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