Creating unique mobile workspace solutions for 40 years.

With over 30,000 of our totally custom aluminum bodies in service today, we are the largest manufacturer of our kind in western canada.

RV & Promotional Vehicles


ITB’s innovative promotional designs help businesses, municipalities and non-profit organizations gain exposure, advertise services and educate their customers with stunning visual designs and features. While our highly customized RVs allow outdoor enthusiasts to have the ultimate offroad experience.

Built to perform. We craft rugged luxury.

Proven track record of providing on time and on budget solutions.

Industry leader throughout North America.

Let's talk about a design that will really turn some heads.

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Popular Configurations.

Our completely customized, innovative designs allow for easy transport/setup/teardown, efficient equipment storage, capable power sources, integration of technological devices, and are designed to impress.

  • Off-Road Recreational Vehicles
  • RV Haulers & Toy Haulers
  • RV’s with Vehicle Storage
  • Motorcross, ATV & Personal Watercraft Transport
  • Mobile Government & Corporate Training Facilities
  • Oversize Off-Road Generator & Compressor Trailers

  • Portable ATM & Mobile Bank Services
  • Ferry/Airport Service Baggage Carts
  • Mobile Washrooms & Change Rooms
  • Emergency Decontamination Stations
  • Trade Show, City Fair & Municipal Event Vehicles
  • Catering Vehicles, Van Bodies & Trailers
  • Mobile Kitchens

who we promote.

Over the years, ITB has had the opportunity to partner with a variety of different customers to create unique custom RV and promotional vehicle solutions. Some of the customers we have partnered with are:


  • Southshore Public Library
  • ATCO
  • City of Toronto Public Library
  • Fernie Brewing Company
  • City of Lethbridge Public Library
  • Cal-B-Que Catering
  • Horizon North Catering
  • East Central Catholic School Division
  • Red Truck Beer
  • DSHS Community Services


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