Creating unique mobile workspace solutions for 40 years.

With over 30,000 of our totally custom aluminum bodies in service today, we are the largest manufacturer of our kind in western canada.

Component Installation

Installing the right components for the best performance.

No matter how challenging and demanding your project is, our seasoned team of designers and installers will work together to integrate and install the best possible components for your application.

large power generation enclosure

For more than three decades, the professionals at ITB have had the opportunity to install major and minor components from a wide range of manufacturers. Some of the components we can integrate and install into your application include:

  • Heavy-duty liftgates, cranes, and winches
  • Electric or hydraulic automatic computerized slide-outs and levelling systems
  • Advanced broadcast-level audio-video and camera systems
  • State-of-the-art local and wide area networks (wireless and hardwired), featuring cellular, satellite, and radio connectivity
  • Pneumatic or manual masts for communications equipment, cameras, and light towers
  • Advanced fire suppression systems


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